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Hello and Welcome here!
sy_alice is a Place you can share everything about the TV Show Alice (seen on SyFy).

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About Alice
Alice Hamilton is a young, martial arts instructor with commitment issues. At the age of ten, her father left the family without warning or word and it's had long-lasting effect on her. She has high hopes that her new love, Jack Chase, might be "the one" but when he offers her a spectacular engagement ring that has been passed down for generations in Jack's family, true to form, she panics and sends him packing...directly into the arms of a mysterious, well-dressed gang of men who are out to nab Jack and the valuable jewel. Realizing that Jack has slipped the ring into her pocket before leaving, Alice pursues one of his captors, a man in a white suit. read more here
Caterina Scorsone - Alice Hamilton
Kathy Bates - Queen of Hearts
Andrew-Lee Potts - Hatter
Tim Curry - Dodo
Colm Meaney - King of Hearts
Philip Winchester - Jack of Hearts
Matt Frewer - Charlie the White Knight
Timothy Webber - Robert Hamilton/Carpenter
Eugene Lipinski - Doctors Dee and Dum
Alek Diakun - Ratcatcher
Harry Dean - Stanton Caterpillar
Alessandro - Juliani Nine of Clubs
Zak Santiago - Ten of Clubs
Charlotte Sullivan - Duchess
Teryl Rothery - Carol Hamilton

1. No bashing!!!!
2. You're welcome to share all you stuff belong to the syfy Show Alice
3. No adversting without premission.
4. Offenses will be punished.
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